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Mathias WILLAME founded Espace Physioperf, which later became HumanPhysio in 2016.

Inauguration and opening of the Espace Physioperf Clinic.


Integration of Mr. Maxime MOURGUES MKDE and the organization of the VENTOUX CHALLENGE: 30 chronic patients accompanied by the clinic's team and high-level athletes will ascend Mont Ventoux by bike and trail.


In the effort to promote Sports Health, we collaborate with the IMPERATOR Hotel through themed evenings bringing together doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, coaches, trainers, and more.


Organization of the Golf and Obesity survey in partnership with FFGolf, the University Hospital of Nîmes, the patient association Le Poids du Partage, with the support of Golf De Campagne and the Practice of Lunel.

Organization of the second AKR/AFKG (Association of Rugby and Golf Physiotherapists) meeting.


Start of the collaboration with Julie LADET for the treatment of patients suffering from pelvic static disorders.

The clinic serves as a training ground for IFMK Montpellier students.


Establishment of HumanPhysio and the addition of Ms. Julie LADET and Mr. Maxime MOURGUES as partners.

Collaboration with the National Council of Physiotherapists in the development of the Kiné-APA Assessment.


Organization of the first Pelvic Static Evening at the C Suite with the participation of Professors P. Mares, P. Kouyoumdjan, A. Dupeyron, O. Bredeau, M. Prudhomme.

Start of the collaboration with the URBAN TRAIL of Nîmes for recovery space and the promotion of sports health.


Organization of the second Pelvic Static Evening at the C Suite with the participation of Professors P. Mares, P. Kouyoumdjan, A. Dupeyron, O. Bredeau, M. Prudhomme, and D. Bonneau.


Collaboration with the CPAM du Gard and the DIANE Network for the promotion of physical activity in the treatment of breast cancer patients.


Arrival of Mr. Roman Berthet as a partner.

Collaboration with IFMK Montpellier for the organization of the EPK evening on Bio-Psycho-Functional evaluation, with the collaboration of physiotherapists, psychologists, and doctors.

Participation in the organization of the first day on the comprehensive care of breast cancer patients with the DIANE network at the Musée de la Romanité, focusing on psychological approach.


Participation in the organization of the second day on the comprehensive care of breast cancer patients with the DIANE network at the Musée de la Romanité, focusing on support care.

Training of the team with Jocelyne ROLLAND on Physiotherapy and Breast Cancer: Avirose and Rose Pilate concept.


Team training with Michel Pradet for physical preparation, Dr. Dominique Bonneau for functional anatomy and biomechanics, Mr. Georges Billard in muscle physiology and EMG recording, and Mr. Jean Pascal Douissard for IMOOVE technology.

Modification of our approach to sports health with the arrival of Mr. Julien Bombiero E-APA and his colleagues: we don't come to the center to do, but to be able to do and realize our projects.

Establishment of HumanPhysio

Mathias Willame began conceptualizing Human Physio in 2008 while he was in Australia with the French Golf team, where he worked as a physiotherapist. The multidisciplinary clinics he visited there showed him a more specific, personalized, and holistic approach to healthcare. He realized that he could care for patients in a different way.

With 13 years of experience, working with both military personnel and high-level athletes, Mathias Willame became convinced that physiotherapy alone couldn't provide the same opportunities and outcomes as when the efforts of multiple professionals were coordinated. In April 2011, he established the physioperf space, which later became the Human Physio Center in August 2016. This center offers a project-oriented approach to assist patients in achieving their goals.

The Human Physio project aims to create an association of professionals from diverse backgrounds who will collaborate and decide to work together for an individual's well-being.

A preliminary interdisciplinary assessment before any treatment will be offered to:
- Define the patient's goals beyond their symptoms.
- Propose a tailored and personalized treatment protocol.

This approach is part of a collaborative network involving all professionals involved in the patient's care, where the patient plays a central role, and the physician serves as the conductor.

HumanPhysio, an Innovative Approach

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals works continuously to offer comprehensive, customized, and sometimes integrative care. Within a common philosophy, our strength lies in promoting the sharing of each individual's skills and know-how for the patient.

1 - Our specialized physiotherapists, for some:

Pain management
Perineal rehabilitation
Postural rehabilitation
Movement analysis
Sports physiotherapy

But for all, the approach includes manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and other modalities to help our patients regain their functionality, alleviate their pain, and promote optimal recovery.

2 - Our E-APA (Specialists in Adapted Physical Activity) design exercise programs tailored to the specific needs of each patient, taking into account their limitations and goals. They play an essential role in the care journey, ensuring a gradual and adapted resumption of physical activity, while prioritizing patient safety and comfort.

3 - Our secretaries play a crucial role in the smooth operation of our practice. Their work provides additional support to patients and facilitates the seamless management of our daily activities. They handle your reception, appointment scheduling, record management, and communication.

We value a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach that ensures the best therapeutic outcomes. We invest significant effort in maintaining close ties with other stakeholders, such as treating physicians and specialists who care for you. This relationship is realized through regular communication, information sharing, and care coordination to ensure optimal care. Depending on individual needs, we can also, in consultation with the physician, refer patients to other professionals. For example, specialized psychologists in Psycho-Traumatism can provide support to help patients deal with emotional issues encountered during treatment (e.g., cancer). Another example is nutritionists who can offer tailored nutritional advice to support healing and improve overall health.

The strength of an interdisciplinary team provides comprehensive and personalized care. The unity of our team members, their collaboration, information exchange, and coordination contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of your care.

The Institute is recognized by ARS as a training ground, and we take pride in participating in the training of future physiotherapy professionals. We welcome physiotherapy students into our team, providing them with supervision and guidance to help them develop their clinical skills and prepare for their future careers.

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